Summon Up A Monkey King

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

With comparisons¬†ranging from Jonathan Richman and Arthur Russell to Mac Demarco and Elliott Smith, you won’t be surprised to discover that LUKA’s forthcoming ‘Summon Up A Monkey King’ LP is a veritable mixed bed of tone, colour and influences – however, much of that is laid to rest on the relatively straight-forward strum of its title-track; a resolute three-minutes of swooning vocals and staunch stabs of woozy guitar.

Premiering below, the track is a somewhat plaintive ballad that quietly broods in to life with a beautifully sincere voice that rides along on an instrumental backdrop as sweet as an unexpected¬†breeze on them most stifling summer day. Beautifully antiquated, there’s always been a decidedly rich quality to LUKA’s songwriting and it truly shines through here, presenting the warmest of glows that radiates from every inch of this short and brilliantly sharp pop song. Check it out below; the full album follows later this month.

‘Summon Up a Monkey King’ LP is released on June 24th, via Yellow K Records


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