Now You Say You Love Me


by tom johnson

There’s almost breathless sense of tenderness to ‘Now You Say You Love Me‘, the latest track in Liyv’s ‘one song a month’ project for 2016, and while it’s something that is prevalent in her work it’s never quite so endearingly charming as it does on the latest track. And when we say charming we mean it in the very literal sense of the word; this isn’t a sly wink across a crowded room this subtle enchantment, an incantation that can seemingly pull apart those invisible strands that keep the forward motion of the day in place and hold everything in the palm of its gentle palm.

Which is to say, in less ornate terms, that this is decidedly pretty pop music, delivered with such smoothness that you can just about see the colours dripping from it as the track’s four-minutes crawl forward. Indeed, Olivia, the Seattle artists behind the music, even presents herself as someone who “makes songs for sad people who like bright colours” and, on this most exquisite new track, she feels the space around the listener with a pastel glow that, for all the prevalent sadness in its weary centre, still manages to feel resoundingly warm. Check it out below, and head to her Soundcloud page to her the other six songs from her ongoing project.


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