This is only the second time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Is Tropical live and hopefully not the last. They’ve upped the ante since this time last year where they shook the tiny Cavern Club in Exeter, this time, bigger, better and more self assured, the edgy three-piece take on Dublin’s Academy at a somewhat early time for this buzzing city…is eight o’ clock early…? Anyway, people were coming through the doors in dribs and drabs and unfortunately because of this Is Tropical played to a smaller crowd than they deserved. Undeterred, the band smashed through their repertoire like an Armageddon of noise; crowd pleasers ‘When o’ When’  and ‘Seasick Mutiny’ were well received and caused stirrings of what can only be described as ‘traditional indie zombie jerk’, if you know what I mean… The dynamic of the band just works so well in small to mid-sized venues because the combination of deep bass, hyped synths and ear splitting drums (courtesy of a small but fiery Italian) really reverberate off literally everything, as it should; Walls, floors, converse, your face…

The whole terrorist getup thing, yeah you heard me, what’s that about guys? I didn’t get it the first time round and I still don’t; bandanas around your faces…you’re not waiting in line at the SARS clinic…seriously though…what’s up with that? Yeah yeah, it’s ‘different’, but so is playing a guitar with drumsticks and I don’t see you doing that….oh wait…yeah you did! Move over Jimmy Page…Is Tropical are here! It’s closer and latest single ‘South Pacific’ that really seals the deal here, lyric-less and rather self absorbed, this song is a ‘let it all go and dance like a prick’ kinda song, just the kind I like as a matter of fact. There were some rather curious and hilarious shapes being thrown on the dance floor; and a song that can make a grown woman squat on the floor and shuffle like a chicken is a winner in my book…I just hope she was dancing…

Is Tropical play the following UK shows in November:

Tuesday 9th (supporting Mystery Jets) – Anson Rooms
Bristol, United Kingdom

Thursday 11th (supporting Mystery Jets) – Roundhouse
London, United Kingdom

Friday 19th (Kitsuné Maison Party) – Village Underground
London, United Kingdom

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