Little Kid

“All Night (Golden Ring)”


words by tom johnson

In another universe, Toronto’s Little Kid sit on every record collector’s shelf, barely sitting still enough to carry dust. Over the past decade, chief songwriter Kenny Boothby has crafted a handful of records that veer between cracked and raw bedroom recordings and more wholesome and full-bodied indie rock.

2018’s Might As Well With My Soul was one of our favourite’s of that year, and the warmth of Boothby’s songwriting has been carried opulently forward for his band’s sixth record, Transfiguration Highway which is out July 3rd via their name home of Solitaire Recordings.

Now a formidable four-piece, there’s a sense of stability to their new work that only ever adds greater depth and exploration, never once feeling like settling. New track ‘All Night (Golden Ring)’ is steady and still, but the addition of Megan Lunn’s voice casts an intriguing new light to otherwise familiar ground.

Informed by religious traditions and theologies, their latest work feels like the soundtrack to lonesome wandering, vast empty landscapes where a second voice drops in and out; reminders of home, whisperings from elsewhere. Wonderfully accomplished as always, this is sad and beautiful music that lingers like a dream, like a memory, like time passing in a blur, on and on and on.

Check it out below and pre-order the new album right here.


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