Words by Aled Schell

I want to give my listener something. I want it to have substance. I want it to resonate.” These are the words of young troubadour Roo Panes; and he delivers on all accounts.

His debut EP, Weight of Your World, was released in December on CRC Music and was one of the most beautiful and affecting records of 2012. Roo’s faultless ability to craft rich, absorbing melodies coupled with intelligent lyrics is apparent on each of the five tracks featuring on this EP. Though he covers all matter of subjects and emotions, it is in his pensive and reflective moments that he really flourishes. ‘You Know Me Well’ is such a moment. Gorgeous tonal vocals and an ability to provide songs with space to breathe – and thus come to life – make Roo Panes an undeniable talent.

At just twenty-three and with a gorgeous debut behind him (a second EP is due out early this summer), this is a captivating artist who I’m expecting to go from strength to strength in 2013.


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