Here is our first ever compilation in celebration of two years of GoldFlakePaint. Thank you to everyone involved for your enthusiasm and hard work, it means a lot to us. To everyone else, we really hope you like it. Head over to our Bandcamp page to download the album for free and/or purchase a limited edition handmade CD version. Alternatively you can stream it below.

GFP001: From The Outside Looking In

A compilation by GoldFlakePaint

01. North Bay – Golden Years

02. Dizzy Moths – Gods Go

03. Conveyor – Foreword

04. American Wolf – Respect Your Idols

05. Team Morale – Sleep Deprivation

06. PAWS – Shut Up And Drink Your Battery Acid

07. Slowdim – We Can Do it

08. Dad Rocks! – Funemployment (Live)

09. Lowpines – Give Me A Horse

10. Breathe Out – There’s An Animal In My Eyes

11. Yellowbirddd – Missing (Acoustic Version)

12. Johnny Foreigner – A Kings Heath Story

13. Ditt Inre – Jorden

14. Empty Pools – Vanderbilt Cup (The Soft’s ‘Long Island’ Mix)

15. Sparrow & The Workshop – Tired Of This Town

16. Black Books – Shipwrecked

17. Loch Awe – I Will Drift Into 10,000 Streams (Rough Mix)

18. Foreign Fields – Fragile Branches

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