‘Century Woods’


by tom johnson

On September 9th, Orindal Records (label of Owen Ashworth/Casiotone FTPA) will release ‘Deserts Of Youth’, the debut record from Liza Victoria, a Portland, Maine-based artists who makes the kind of folk music that occasionally drifts in to other territories but is at its most compelling when telling a simple tale of sadness.

The new record is preceded by the slow-crawl hush of ‘Century Woods‘, a six-minute wander through eponymous landscape that gives the track its title. Carried on the lightest of breezes, the track still manages to take on numerous foreboding shapes thanks to the fragile, spectral nature of Victoria’s utterly compelling lead vocal, that never once deviates from the path, never once stops to check whether anyone is following, but drags you through the entire piece regardless.

It’s a wonderful piece of work, a fragile expanse that seems to fold in on itself, like a forest slowly departing in the shrivelling, encroaching dusk. Lisa/Liza’s¬†full record is released next month, but you can stream ‘Century Woods’ below right now.

Pre-order the full album here, via Orindal Records


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