First Listen:

Lindsey Mills

“Saggy Capricorn”


by tom johnson

While the fact that Lindsey Mills plays bass in perennial U.S indie rockers Surfer Blood might be the tagline to her solo work, it shouldn’t be anywhere near the main point of focus, for her work dazzles with a distinct sense of clarity; the kind of wistful, spirited pop music that feels strikingly tied to the classical works of yesteryear, while feeling very much of-the-moment with one gleaming melodic twist.


“I’ve got a strong notion to build a raft, float merrily down the river of trash

until I am dumped in the ocean.”


Mills’ new two-track release is entitled “Cusp” and it comes out on tape at the end of this week, via Broken Circles and Decades Records, and the lead track from it – the gloriously titled “Saggy Capricorn” – is premiering below from today. Painting vivid scenes of some colourful landscape, the track is a gloriously evocative piece of pop music that matches infinitely smart lyrical passages with a solid instrumental backdrop to create the kind of daring and romantic atmosphere that made the likes of Jenny Lewis and Neko Case household names. Listen below.

“Cusp” is released on October 21st, via Broken Circles/Decades Records

Preorder here / here



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