First Listen:

Lilac Daze

Lilac Daze” [LP]


by tom johnson

With the full release of their new self-titled LP set for this Friday, and a support slot with the always-excellent La Sera happening the week after, Maryland’s Lilac Daze today stream the album in full a couple of days ahead of release – and it’s every bit as frantic and endearing as were hoping.

Inspired by the likes of Superchunk and New York Dolls, there is a definitively old-school feel to much of the tracks here, however it’s all delivered with such fresh-faced gusto that it never once feels stagnated. Lead track “Future Unknown” is a glistening burst of melodic indie rock, with nods to the aforementioned La Sera, while the likes of opening track “Shark Bait” or “Drinking With An Ulcer” offers something altogether more gnarly and restless.

Both aesthetics work for the band and, as such, the ten track collection makes for a resoundingly contagious listen; one that shapes a love for the bands of yesteryear in to something both resolute and dynamic. A fiery, wholesome bout of guitar-pop – you can stream the record in full below right now. Check it out:

‘Lilac Daze’ is released on October 14th, via Black Numbers


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