[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

Sara Lewis Sørensen – or simple LEW to you and I – released a debut EP back in 2013 called Drenched In Night and the title is an astutely recounting of the work she crafts; a deeply atmospheric blend of pop music that very much simmers with the hazy escape of moonlit hours, presenting bold vocals with swirling, brooding instrumentation.

Ahead of a new album, Black Feathers, released on May 27th, Sørensen today adds the striking ‘Cave’ to the previously-heard single ‘Lights On’. Led, once again, by her wonderfully robust vocal, the new track ploughs head-long in to the night in a decadent flash of smouldering synth lines and stark bursts of guitar. Sara says of the song:

“It is about meeting your hometown again, how it feels the same way it always has done, and yet at the same time everything feels new. The feeling of wanting to embrace everything and yet being afraid of not being able to realise one’s own dreams and be a part of the new reality.”

Black Feathers is released on May 27th, via DME



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