Track Premiere:


2000 Boy


words by jae o. noel

A steady drive complimented by an intricate bass line, is the focus of Lawn’s newest single, “2000 Boy”. After five months of writing in the heart of The Big Easy, New Orleans’ post-punk duo is picking up from their first EP Big Sprout, with their debut album Blood on the Tracks via Forged Artifacts. The album’s simplistic, yet organic recordings showcase the precision the band made by tracking on reel to reel tape.

“2000 Boy” illustrates that precision and quickly transcends from something new to something you always knew. Nostalgia is deep within Mac Folger’s and Ruy De Magalhaes’s contrasting levity and rawness. The track brings you beyond the year 2000 by introducing you to Lawn’s 60s harmonies and inventive lyrics, while its structure stays consistent but continuously adds overdubbing that makes for a powerful way to debut their talent. Their “jingle jangle way” paints the perfect vignette in describing the tone of this track. “2000 Boy” plays an important role for what’s to come on Blood on the Tracks. Listen to it in full below.

Blood on the Tracks is out May 10, via Forged Artifacts

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