Law Holt Promo 2

Law Holt

Love Drive Through


by tom johnson

Anyone following the musical landscape of Scotland over the last couple of years will know the importance of Law Holt. Famed for her work with Young Fathers, whom she often shares a stage with, as well as her own fiercely captivating work, Holt has a become a key figure here both creatively and politically.

Taking those aspects of her personality and driving them emphatically in to her music, today sees the release of her brand new video for ‘Love Drive Through‘ and it’s as striking a documents as we’ve come to expect. Loose of tongue and decorated in a dynamic display of instrumentation, it’s a song (and film) that highlights the sweeping power of Law’s work. Ahead of the release of new album ‘City‘, which sees the light of day on August 26th, you can check out the brilliant new video below.

“Love can drive through the most bleak situations, listen in the realisation that in an overcrowded world all we need are the basics. We have way more power than we realise” – Law Holt


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