new music:

Lady Dan

“No Home”


words by tom johnson

photograph by autumn dozier

There’s a sincerity to the music of Lady Dan which makes perfect sense when you learn the stories that lie behind the songs on new album I Am the Prophet. Over the past few years, Lady Dan, aka  Tyler Dozier, dealt with a controlling relationship, supporting her father through cancer, as well as uncertainty in her faith, and a couple of moves away from and then back to the town in which she was born.

It’s no wonder such battles left a mark on Dozier, and many of them have been channelled into the second single from the forthcoming album, ‘No Home’, which is streaming below here from today, preceding the album’s April 23rd release.

The new track is shared via its striking video, of which Dozier says: “This is maybe the most vulnerable song on my record and I felt like there needed to be an equally vulnerable video to match it. I’m sure you can all tell by now, that I love symbolism and reading between the lines. I’m stripped naked (as naked as I can be without making my grandma cry) and left there in all of my discomforts. It felt important to use my friends in this video – they represent the support I found in my feminine friendships during my loss and recovery. So they’re seen redressing me and tearing the veil, so to say.”

Beautifully impassioned, ‘No Home’ is intricate and expansive, featuring a gentle strum and some stirring strings while once again showcasing Dozier’s stunning voice which acts as the song’s beating heart throughout.

“This song is about the ending of a 4.5-year abusive relationship amidst losing my dad and becoming estranged from my mom,” Dozier says of the song. “It’s funny, I wrote the guitar for this song when I was seventeen, and I want to say it was originally supposed to be a worship song,” she continues. “I revisited the instrumentals a few years ago, and these lyrics came pouring out. I suppose it was something I really needed to process through music.”

You can pre-order the album right now, and check out the new video below.


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