L.T. Leif



by tom johnson

Laura Leif is one of those special types of songwriters, the kind of artist that can stop a day in its tracks, pull it apart, bend it this way and that, and transport the listener somewhere else entirely. Lifted from her forthcoming new record, ‘Opening‘ is the personification of such skill; the kind of quiet lilt that immediately shifts whichever backdrop surrounds you in to something far more graceful and immersive.

Like some faint strum caught on the breeze, barely audible above the beloved silence, the new track is a hypnotic undertaking, a folk-like spin of voice and instrument idiosyncrasies that quietly rolls on as through it’s short running time that often feels anything-but, given the quiet power of its presentation.

Ahead of the album’s full release next week, you can stream the new track below right now.

‘Shadow on the Brim / Rough Beasts’ is released on June 6th



photograph credit: cody oliver and greg bennett

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