Kristin McClement | No End To The Drum

by tom johnson

Brighton’s Kristin McClement launches her debut album today with the release of it’s lead track ‘No End To The Drum‘. Arriving in February, you won’t be surprised to learn that her record comes courtesy of The Wilkommen Collective, home to the likes of The Leisure Society, Eyes & No Eyes and Son’s Of Noel & Adrian, for McClement carries a weightless, elegant charm which befits all those that have come before her.

Based around her indelibly pretty but satisfyingly sturdy lead vocal, ‘No End To The Drum‘ is a compelling and often beautiful passage, where urgent instrumentation meets her flowing voice, resulting in four-and-a-half minutes of inventive, weighty pop music which dazzles, shimmers and glows exquisitely in the cold light of the day.

A decisive and fully-formed first step, you can check the track out below.

‘The Wild Grips’ LP is released on Febraury 23rd, via Wilkommen Records.

The album is available to pre-order from iTunes and Bandcamp now.

Kristin launches the album this weekend launch this weekend with a live show on Saturday 24th January,

at the One Church in Brighton. Full details here.



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