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- A video by O.D Davey -

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words by tom johnson

There’s a story and it goes a little bit like this. One year ago today Kathryn Joseph’sBones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled‘ got the full release it deserved. Unveiled on vinyl via Glasgow’s Hits The Fan Record, the astonishing album was preceded with a video shared on this very website and would go on to win not only the most cherished of hearts that spent some time with it but also something more tangible in the form of the much-coveted Scottish Album of the Year award.

In among this passing of time, O.D Davey, a similarly affecting songwriter as Joseph, released a beautiful record of his own which, as fate would have it, ended up in Joseph’s lap. A mutual artistic respect between the two flourished and resulted in a friendship which, in turn, resulted in another new video, for The Outtakes, arriving one year on from that first, breath-taking, unveiling.

Created from numerous videos sourced from fans from all over the world, submitted to the project at Joseph’s request, the finished film is something darkly moving and poignant. Stifling in the skewed presentation of it all, Davey’s film is weird, wonderful and a perfect companion to ‘The Outtakes‘ – the tumbling, crumbling centre-piece of Joseph’s album. Based around a repetitive wave of piano, and the odd adornments of percussive noise, the track is instantly airless, a moment of suppressed foreboding drawn out and out until the weight of what it holds feels almost immoveable. Coupled with Davey’s new film, it makes for a captivating and evocative seven minutes that feels both significant and immensely powerful.

Watch it and then re-watch it below.

O.D Davey on The Outtakes:

The Outtakes is a song with a momentum to it, with a tumbling rhythm that feels as if it’s falling away from you or being urged on by you and can often make me feel that euphoric lack of control similar to being in the back of a speeding car once I’ve accepted the driver is drunk enough to kill us all. It’s this quality that first made me want to make a video for it, although I hadn’t the balls or footage to ask Kathryn if I could do it until, as if by magic, she instead asked me, and included this gift of an idea – this communally-sourced footage.

The footage was already abstract, appropriate and obviously very personal to each contributor without being too self-referential and I sought to abstract it further and to connect it all through a single lens, figuratively and literally, in that I re-filmed it, just like one of those 90s video-pirates who they told you would take your children, in an attempt to unify the varied textures under the surface of my computer screen and the lights through the old Nikon lens.

Those that I left out were left out simply due to the necessities of editing this strange narrative that seemed to write itself, revolving around a sense of floating, turmoil, a momentum from West to East and the dragging of a body through the snow. I feel grateful to have been given this particular chance to play, so big thanks to Kathryn, Claire and all the contributors. I hope you can all feel that this video is each of yours.”


Kathryn Joseph on The Outtakes:

i cant watch it without cry. it is beautiful. thankyou thankyou all of you who have made it so perfect. this whole year has been made my most best ever because of all of the humans that i now get to know in even the smallest way because of the record. and this video matters so much because some of you are part of it. thankyou. thankyou beautiful claire for the idea of. and thankyou beautiful owen for make it. you are a beautiful genius in all ways. and thankyou beautiful goldflakepaint. humans you are the beautiful best all. and i am so fucking lucky to get you. thankyou.


Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled‘ is out now on Hits The Fan Records.

You can buy it here.

O.D Davey’s ‘Catgut Tape’ LP is out now, via Tomlab.





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