Kathryn Joseph

“The Coming”


by tom johnson

If settling motes of dust in a room of stale air had a noise, it might well sound something like Kathryn Joseph’s new track “The Coming“, and it would be somewhat appropriate given that said track is indeed the dust settling on her “Bones You Have Thrown Me…” project, which started last January, took in a Scottish Album Of The Year award, and exposed her most powerful of crafts to an ever-swelling, ever-appreciative new audience.

The B-side to new single “The Blood” – which ties in with a remastered ‘White’ version of the LP, plus its full release in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria – precedes a run of shows that will act as a guard rail towards a brand new album in 2017. As moving and tender as we’ve come to expect, “The Coming” aches with a swelling sense of disturbance, like seeing a storm growing miles out to sea from the quietude of a deserted beach. Despite such analogies, however, “The Coming” still feels remarkably personal rather than belonging of the outside world; the cover art, all skin and bone, all faded light and darkened mood, indicative of the quiet power that Joseph’s voice still commands.

Live Dates:

20.10 LONDON, ICA (solo) w/ C DUNCAN
02.11 BERLIN, Grüner Salon (solo) w/ C DUNCAN
03.11 HAMBURG, Uebel & Gefährlich (solo) w/ C DUNCAN
30.11 LONDON, St John on Bethnal Green
08.12 DUNDEE, Clarks
09.12 GLASGOW, Mono



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