John Knox Sex ClubAnimals

by Tom Johnson

There are a number of facts about John Knox Sex Club that could flesh out this little piece in to something much more formulaic and professional but I think I’ll mostly avoid that. Their very brief story goes something like: formed > self-released a couple of records > went on hiatus > came back. The only problem with me expanding upon all of this is that I wasn’t a part of any of it. Not that it matters, necessarily, but I’m quite happy to say that I’m a complete newcomer to the band. I’ve seen that somewhat memorable name around before and have heard whispers of great things but I never took the leap in to checking them out. More fool me.

Last night they played a show with fellow-Scots (and thoroughly excellent) Over The Wall and The Meanest Creature Ever Known, to celebrate the release of their new split single with OTW on the always-worthy Gerry Loves Records. To say it was a revelation would be an understatement – but also spot-on. It was completely revelatory; a jaw-dropping, heart-thumping performance that almost defies description. Elements of traditional Scottish folk smashed to pieces and reassembled by guitars that creep and twist and then pummel you in the skull. A violin that sits in the background, casting its own spell, before suddenly leaping to the fore, frenzied and crushingly beautiful. Then there are the vocals; demonic, angry, tired and stretched to breaking point just like the lives they depict in their short lyrical snapshots. In short; it was staggeringly good.

The new single is out now. A new EP is on the way. Do whatever you can to see them live.

Buy the split single, via Gerry Loves Records, here.

See them live; Sat 19th October – Stereo, Glasgow

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