Jay Som

I Think You’re Alright


by tom johnson

While it’s always been a sort of mantra that the music we cover on this site is done so based solely on our enjoyment levels rather than any notions of commercial success, it’s also true to say that anyone who searches for new music hopes to stumble upon something in its infancy that goes on to conquer the world. Call it ego, or maybe just the thrill of being on the ride from the start, but there’s certainly an added kick at watching something grow from seed to opulent flower.

Jay Som was already well in to her ride when we found ourselves in her world, but so enamoured were we with her floral, decisive guitar-pop that we opened our compilation from last summer with the magnificent ‘Slow’ – which makes her return all-the-more compelling, on a personal level if nothing else.

But it’s not nothing else at all. ‘I Think You’re Alright‘ is a striking return, a steely flag-pole thrust in to the ground that marks a huge leap forward for San Fran’s most promising new act. Swelling from a hushed intro in to something stringently weighty, the new track is a staggering statement of intent, a lullaby for the ages that charms you in to its arms and then throws you to the fire; that subtle, lilting vocal suddenly swamped by a maelstrom of steely percussion and billowing guitar bursts that feel thrillingly intoxicating.

Lifted from a brand new 7″, which is released later this summer via Fat Possum, you can stream the brilliant new track below.



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