Live session:

Jacko Hooper

‘All in All’ 

DOWN TIME by Small Pond


A number of the sessions we’ve shared so far – from our collaborative series with Brighton’s Small Pond – have featured familiar names, many of which we’ve previously covered elsewhere on the blog: Kevin Krauter, Pile, Bonniesongs. Today, however, the new DOWN TIME session turns out a new artist for us, in the form of this beautifully delicate performance from singer-songwriter Jacko Hooper.

Filmed on Hove seafront on a warm summers evening, the song is a tender acoustic strum led by Hooper’s subtle voice, the gentle sounds and sentiments drifting away into the evening air before you can ever really get a grip on them.

Quietly intriguing, beautifully performed, it’s a small gem of a performance, and a little moment of escape from the busy world we find all find ourselves a little lost in. Check it out below right now – and here’s a few words from the man himself:

All in All is a track inspired by someone close to me, it’s about realising that none of us are indestructible and are in fact all made from similar stuff, that there is strength to be gained from realising this in itself rather than always relying on someone else to be that strength for you. The track was released digitally via Pretty Things Records who put out a full compilation album with artists across the EU and beyond, raising money for Help Musicians UK in the process. You can listen and purchase that record here; 

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