You only get one shot at your debut single; might as well throw everything at it then, hey? Anahita is New York-via-UK quartet Wilsen’s shot at a debut release, and it’s as if the band have taken every ounce of what they’re good at, shoved it inside a firework and aimed for the stars. The first four minutes crawl past with just a delicate vocal and a stark and dis-jointed electric guitar, before a wondrous build that Explosions In The Sky would be proud sends the second half of this seven-minute track somewhere markedly different. There must have been a desire to fully let go in the latter stages of the track, but Anahita remains all the more alluring thanks to the restraint and ambiguity it holds on to throughout. As debut singles go, it’s a genuine triumph. Listen below and grab yourself a copy when it’s released on February 18th.

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