Introducing | V E N N

by LJ Kessels

Bigger Fiction‘ is like a dystopian dreamscape, or a carton of yogurt that has just gone off. It evokes thoughts of driving on the Autobahn passing by tall concrete box-like apartment buildings, while anxiously looking for love.

V E N N are a three-piece band or, better yet, a collective from London that finds its form in the dark nostalgia of 80’s synth-pop. Their self-released ‘Echoes From Foreign Spaces, available on Soundcloud/streaming below, is meant as a statement of intent for more sounds to come – and it more than does the job.

Their vision seems to be one of artistic intervention hiding their recordings throughout London as a scavenger hunt or for any unsuspected person to find. Their music and form are meant to intertwine with their actions, which are meant as being part of the bigger fiction also known as life. They invite all to have a conversation with them, and thus collaborate in the collective hive of humanity.

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