There is a restraint and perfect sense of balance that exudes from the very first note of Not An Exit, a new track from Los Angeles based duo Twin Oaks.  Floating along on a plaintive acoustic strum, minimal percussion and the stirring vocals of Lauren Brown, the track weaves and meanders along, echoing the quiet but constant trickle of a stream that is only ever heading towards something far greater than itself. It’s not just nature that this track brings to mind however; the sense of longing and restlessness more reminiscent of someones breath on your neck than the wind in your hair.

A second track also released this week is just as mesmerising; the slow-build nature of Cellar plays out like a deep and weighty conversation that only ever seems to rear its head at 3 o’clock in the morning. Time stops, or at least becomes irrelevant, as thoughts and words are released left to disappear into the night or lay like a cloak upon you.

Twin Oaks are set to release an EP later this year. Follow them on Facebook for more updates.

Words by Tom Johnson

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