Thunderhank | House

by Tom Johnson

Formed by two college friends in LA during 2013, Thunderhank released their debut EP at the end of April and their assured, measured take on pop music has been creeping out to more and more people ever since. Melding soft vocals with playful ambient textures, the self-titled EP is a beautifully crafted collection of songs that buried itself further under your skin with every repeated listen.

House‘ is the latest track to be lifted from said EP and it’s devilishly handsome. The sound of an undisturbed LA morning slowly being brought to life, the languid vocals drift steadily across a bed of percussive ripples and occasional stabs of jaunty guitars and keys to create something both elegantly subdued and softly hypnotic. Dream baby dream, indeed. Lose yourself in its soft sway below and check out the whole EP here.

The ‘Thunderhank‘ EP is out now and available from Bandcamp.

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