Introducing | Albosel


by tom johnson

Debut offerings are rarely as calm and considered as that of Nottingham two/three-piece Albosel, but then few bands have more than two years experience of playing together behind them. Creeping out in to the world via new EP Making, Nothing the band channel that learned temperament in to three gorgeously evocative musings, all dulled colours for dimmed evenings, all subtle sways of shape and shade.

Opener ‘Crab God‘ sets the band’s stall out early on, a tender moment of reflection that simmers along on a bed of soft instrumentation and breathy vocals that blurs whatever image it is their projecting. Such shadiness only breeds deeper exploration and intrigue, however, and by the time ‘Tagwaan‘ has covered much of the same territory (in as much as it’s a gentle, captivating collation of sound) you’ll be buried deep within their world, unable to see quite where your path is, let alone leads.

Closing track ‘Us and Their Machine‘ is an expansion of the other two tracks both in form and length, a kind of doubling to their initial approach. The drawn-out closure adding extra depth to their otherwise skeletal approach.

Where they go from here will be interesting to watch, and they might well need to add other elements to their next release, but for now this is an assured, accomplished and quietly magical release that begs for repeated plays. So go ahead and do so, below.


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