Introducing | Bobbi Palace


by trevor elkin

Like the ice-cold tip of a blade tracing a slow, deadly path down the curve of your back, there is something scary and unpredictable in Detroit’s Bobbi Palace.  While they stalk the murky intersection of math rock/grunge/garage punk (if you need some labels), their off-kilter sense of malaise slashes through all these genres, cutting down into the bone to expose the hidden, black marrow. The result is something exciting, foreboding – like medication for paranoid souls.

By way of introduction we give you a track which premiered on the excellent Have Fun Records Holiday Compilation‘Something’ is a blustering maelstrom, its razor-sharp guitars grind against a battery of drums and feedback. Riding coolly on top of this energy are the unnervingly tranquil vocals, the calm at the eye of the storm. Not that it needed any extra treatment to make it interesting, the bizarre and creepy accompanying video to ‘Something’ piles on even more mystery to this band’s aesthetic, making us curious for more. Take a blue pill and descend into the haunting depths of Bobbi Palace, below.

Download ‘Something’ via Bandcamp


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