The Holy

This Will Be The Day That I Die



The Finns certainly know how to do cerebral, edgy and dark don’t they? Soliti‘s latest signing The Holy take that trifecta and up the stakes with a bleak-but-beautiful video for single ‘This Will Be The Day That I Die’, directed by Juho Länsiharju. The epic, anthemic chills of the music are subtly enhanced by the brooding, sometimes quite disturbing cinematography.

Singer Eetu Henrik Iivari, who has an incredibly commanding vocal presence, brings colour and vibrance to this otherwise weighty track. His world-worn delivery and the stark accompanying imagery from abandoned urban and rural spaces, draw us into a first-person story that sounds strangely buoyant, even ecstatic, but one that actually deals with the humbling descent of a man who realises he’s led a cruel existence and his only escape from himself, is death. The Holy have created a new genre label to express this curious cocktail of uplifting rock and grave introspection: Heartland.

“This Will Be the Day That I Die… tells a story of a person whose history and experiences have contaminated him with cynicism, bitterness and despair that are translated into cruelty and despicable behaviour towards those around him. 

The story and its symbolism had been in my for mind for a while. Finally they came together with a fitting composition during a time when I was going through many similar feelings in my own life. It really felt natural to process my own experiences and feelings through the song.”


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photo by Annukka Pakarinen

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