Say hello to Tear Talk, a four-piece from Liverpool. We covered them once before, way back in January, when they released their debut EP, Port Sunlight, via Bleeding Gold Records. Back then we described them as “nostalgic, shimmery rock music that reminds us of Galaxy 500” and the band have since added a few new tracks to their Soundcloud page. We loved the EP and we loved the new tracks so we thought it only appropriate to grab the guys for a chat and see how 2012 was shaping up for them.

Here’s what front-man Josh had to say…

Hi, how are things? Anything exciting planned for today?

Afternoon, things aren’t bad, bit sunnier than I had initially planned for, but other than that no complaints. Funnily enough, Tear Talk are opening for Weird Dreams tonight in Liverpool, so we’re all pretty excited about that.

Would you like to introduce the band for us…

I’m Josh, I play guitar and attempt to sing. Luis plays keys, Tom plays tambourine and a floor tom and Iain’s the ‘slappa da bass’ man.

What can you tell us about the Tear Talk journey so far?

It’s been short and arduous like an obese child caught up in a marathon. In retrospect we’ve accomplished far more than we initally planned for. When we started last summer we couldn’t play an instrument and didn’t really plan beyond September but the e.p being released and playing shows with the likes of Widowspeak have made it impossible not to carry on.

You put out an EP in January, how has the reaction been to that?

From the few reviews I’ve seen people were quite kind about it. Bleeding Gold seem to be developing a cult following these days, so a community of radio stations and bloggers rally around their releases and try and push them, which is a nice thing to be a part of, it kind of harks back to Sarah Records. Some heartless bastard did it give one star on itunes though, but you can’t please everyone I suppose.

Where can people get their hands on a copy?

It’s on itunes and amazon but you can buy it from Bleeding Gold Records bandcamp where it’s cheaper and the money goes straight to the label.

Which bands/records have had the biggest effect on you as a band?

As the band were just starting out we were getting into Black Tambourine and I think that ‘noise pop’ element did work it’s way into our songs eventually. Beat Happening were a big factor in us deciding to give it a go as well, it’s difficult not to once you have listened to ‘Jamboree’. The first two Echo and the Bunnymen records and ‘Today’ by Galaxie 500 have been permanent fixtures since we started. Lately we’ve branched out a bit have been listening to a lot of Suicide, Nico and Sinead O’Connor so we’re all quite curious as to how they will surface in our songs.

Any more releases planned for the rest of the year?

Hopefully, we’ve been wanting to get a 7″ out for a while now and we recorded a bunch of new songs about a month ago that we’re waiting to have mixed and then hopefully we’ll see something physical. A cassette is also something we’ve been wanting to do so if we’re lucky that may also be a possibility.

Where can folks see you play live?

Usually in Liverpool, occasionally in Manchester. We haven’t really ventured that far and wide yet, which something else we need to address.

*       *       *

For all things Tear Talk head over to their Facebook page.


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