Talitha Ferri



words by tom johnson

photography by mandy rep

Every once in a while a voice comes along that seems to pause the world, shrinking everything to silence save for the picture it’s painting in song. Danish newcomer Talitha Ferri achieves such a feat on “Home”, her very special debut song, and the first to be heard from a forthcoming album, Get Well Soon, which is released later this year via soulpod collective.

Wonderfully measured, there’s an ingrained sense of solemnity here that seems to hang over the entire piece, like tree-tops lost to the clouds. “It’s about coming home – to love, and to yourself,” Ferri says of the song. “It was written in retrospect, at a time when I was able to appreciate the fragile moment that is falling in love. That sacred little dance we love to drag on and on, clinging to and resenting the space that stands between us.”

A remarkable introduction, “Home” gently rolls on through five-minutes that grip from start-to-end, the melancholy building with each passing moment, like a sadness caught in the throat.

“Simply put, it’s a love song,” Talitha goes on to say. “But this is not the whirlwind kind of love. It’s not the kind of love that sweeps you off your feet and makes you forget who you are. It’s slow and painful and terrifying. It’s the kind of love that requires healing. ‘Home’ is a sort of snapshot of that love. It’s all the fear and the joy and the aching that comes before you make your way home. It’s very fragile but also very brave.”

Reminiscent of Phoebe Bridgers in her more sparse moments, the track finds a place of its own thanks to the emotional depths of its display, as well as the stirring, Country-like strings that occasionally underpin that voice, elevating the song to beautiful new heights.

A special new voice, you can listen to “Home” below right now – and follow Talitha for further updates on the upcoming album.

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