Introducing | Sun Up

by Tom Johnson

The first thing that hits you is the voice. A voice that is at once as pure and vibrant as it is mystifying. Bursting with joy but tinged with something that sits between desire and the crushing weight of regret. It’s a thing of understated brilliance and it comes from the vocal chords of Frøydis, front-woman of ‘Norwegian-British‘ newcomers Sun Up.

The band only formed late last year, but rather than taking tentative steps in to the great abyss that is the musical world, they arrive arms open, eyes twinkling, chests pounding, with a track that could light up even the dullest of days. ‘Machines‘, their first foray, is a passionate blast of pop music from the get-go, taking in sweet lyrics, a perfectly measured instrumental backbone and the kind of chorus hook that you’ll want to embrace over and over and over again. You only get one shot at your debut single but Sun Up have nailed it; straight through the middle of the most hardened of hearts. Listen below.

Sun Up support Man Like Me and Ghostpoet at 93 Feet East, on Friday 14 March.

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