Sometimes I have no words. I hear music but I can’t translate it, or at least I can’t find the right words to use to relate to what I’m hearing. Often I don’t want to write at all. I simply want to flood myself with music that reflects the way I’m feeling. Other times I want only to feel. Music can be easy to write about, but I have come to learn that this means it either lacks depth or I haven’t really listened to it at all.

Romance 126 is a new 6-track mini-album from London, Ontario’s Snow Mantled Love; and it doesn’t fill me with words, but it does fill me with feeling. Restless feelings of longing, of unfounded expanses and unchartered journeys, and of reckless anticipation. It creeps in and out of my head like the half-dreams that occur between sleep and awake, when distances are shortened and magic happens.

Stream the album in full here;

Words by Tom Johnson

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