Introducing | Small Wonder

by Tom Johnson


“baby bird fly home

the wild wind sleeps in your bones

and though your road is long

though your wings are weak

your heart is strong as hell


summer came in on a wind

suddenly i’m a kid again

but this time i won’t hide in whispers

this time i won’t be scared of cars

this time when we’re lost at sea or highway

i won’t ask you where we are

cause we’re home


baby bird please fly home

i’ve chipped teeth but i’ve never broken bone

feeling good, i’m feeling fine

feels like i’m living on borrowed time

and if it feels like the waters are rising

it’s just cause the good ones are dying

and if it feels like your friends are all leaving

it’s just cause the kids stopped believing.”

While I’ve willingly and firmly positioned myself as the middle-man in this ‘artist-blog-listener‘ chain, and despite the constant and numerous rewards it brings, there are times when I miss just being a fan. Finding some record that I’d never heard of before and then having the time to devour it. To listen to nothing else for weeks on end, without the endless desire to check what else had been sent to me in the past hour.

It takes something very special to make me yearn for those long-gone days. If those days even did exist, of course. As I sit here now, they did. In my memories I spent days on end, lying in the field at the end of the road I grew up on, with only a pair of headphones and whichever record I was obsessing about at the time. Even as I type this now I know it was never that clear-cut. There was a field, and it was often my place of retreat, but there was also real life and it was never that easy, as much as I might have wanted it to be. But reflections are nice, even if they deviate away from what actually happened. In retrospect we can change things as little or as much as we want to.

It’s these kind of thoughts, desires and afflictions that I dug up when I discovered Wendy, the new record from Small Wonder. I don’t really know anything about Small Wonder. There was another full-length back in 2011 but nothing since. “Small Wonder is henry crawford and vice versa.” is all that the album bio tells us and while it’s not much to go on, I don’t need any more than that. All I need to know is laid out across a record that just hit me, instantly. It makes me want to sob. It makes me want to hug everyone I’ve ever loved and apologise to all of those that I’ve let down. It makes me want to crawl in to the one I love now and hold her for longer than I ever have before. I feel connected to it. I feel like I grew up with it; like it knows all of my secrets and fears and hidden memories. I feel like it was made only for me. I feel like maybe it was made by me.

And this is where my new-found problems come in, because I’ve yet to tell you anything about Wendy. You don’t know what it sounds like, which genre it falls in to, which of the seven tracks is the most catchy, where the hidden secrets are to be found – but you know what? I’m ok with that. There are times when I don’t want to pull a record apart in that way, to deconstruct it to its roots. Sometimes I just want it to be there and to exist and hope that when someone reads the way it affects me, as a person rather than a magazine, they’ll take a chance on it anyway.

Wendy is out now. Buy it for just $6 here.


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