Sheer Mag | 7″

by Tom Johnson

Or, how to introduce a band you know almost nothing about.

Hailing from Philadelphia, that much we do know, and following a few well-placed support slots across the earlier months of the year, reckless warriors Sheer Mag have just unveiled one of the strongest debut singles/EPs (you choose) we’ve heard all year. A 7″ record, housing four boisterous and supremely energetic tracks, it announces the bands arrival in the most emphatic of ways.

As a relationship, it’s instant. Declare your love right away or get the fuck out. From the outset the cards are on the table; urgent guitars and a scratchy, diabolically contagious vocal that harrows and harasses initially, before dragging you by your shirt sleeves in to the open-ended mystery and magic of the night. That’s where they really come alive: the four songs hear tread very similar paths, all playful guitars and adamant tones, but it’s the aura the band create around it all, the incessant feeling that this band, more than the next band, are worth dedicating the next ten minutes of your life to. And yeah that sounds like overblown, hyperbolic nonsense, and maybe it will turn out to be so but right now, on these four tracks, the proof is right there in front of you.

The bands debut 7″ is out now, buy it from WILSUNS RC here.

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