Secret Mountains hail from Baltimore and are set to release their debut LP on February 26th via Friends Records. As a band they make dense, lush pop music, all swirling guitars and yearning siren vocals, and the couple of tracks that were sent our way last week both do a fine job of whetting the appetite ahead of the release of their Rainer LP.

Coasting has been floating around for a little while now, but it remains a prodigious offering of psychedel-ish rock; the driving, grungey guitars and forced vocals bind together brilliantly and make for a stirring listen. The slow-burning High Horse is a new track and comes with a transfixing glow to it. The minimal instrumentation and the dull ache of the vocals wind around each other and create a genuine sense of mystique and intrigue. It plays out like the perfect counterpoint to Coasting and if they can stretch that sense of balance and diversity across the rest of the record then we’re in something very special indeed.

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