Introducing | Saltwater Sun


by tom johnson

Hype Machine purveyors might well have already been transfixed by London’s latest buzz band, as the rays of Saltwater Sun have slowly spread to farther reaches since the unveiling of debut track ‘Habit On My Mind‘ last week. Trends follow trends follow trends and so the West London quintet have already been heralded as the UK’s answer to 2014 indie-darlings Alvvays, but just as the latter are fueled by an intangible burst of Scandinavian magic, so too Saltwater Sun are shaped by their immediate surroundings, rather than another band of similar ilk. There’s a ripple of London life trailing its way right through the heart of their debut track; the rush and the clamour, the full-hearted swagger of it all and it’s that which gives them their distinct fibre.

Led by a fuzzy blast of slight-skewed guitars and Jennifer Stearne’s most tempestuous of lead vocals, it’s not hard to see why the track has been so readily devoured. Armed with the kind of chorus that can feel both cantankerous or impassioned depending on your own standpoint within the day, ‘Habit On My Mind‘ is an angsty but redeemingly affectionate burst of guitar pop that can make the very ground beneath your feet swell, propelling you higher and higher until you’d swear you could almost touch the sky. More, much more, as soon as possible please. Check it out below.

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