Introducing | Salt Cathedral

by Lee Adcock

Ay, me. As an acolyte music blogger, I’ve learned to begrudgingly appreciate genres as handy reference points to grab the reader’s attention. However, as all us avid listeners know, those tags and labels often fall short of capturing the music’s very essence – that is, its beauty.

That’s where I stand with Salt Cathedral. I’m hearing something bright and vivid here in the two tracks that they’ve released so far – something that defies simple categories. In their latest single, ‘Move Along’, the tropical breezes from the precisely plucked guitars and the pure, blissful vocals certainly evoke Dirty Projectors. However, the beat lends a hip-hop sway to the track – and, at 2’37”, the frenetic shuffle that kicks in shifts the song into drum n’ bass overdrive.

However, while Move Along is simply radiant light, Salt Cathedral’s first release, ‘Take Me To The Sea‘, is a swift and winding river. A nimble guitar underlies the track, and constitutes its perpetual flow; dexterous taps and cymbals from the drums lend sharp details to the water’s surface. Then, we float into the fantastic climax, where swells of thick synths propel us forward. It’s a gorgeous, thrilling ride, and once again a track that doesn’t fit any one neat genre.

One fact is clear, however: you can file Salt Cathedral’s debut EP under “fabulous vinyl”. Set for release on July 30th, five tracks will be pressed onto cream-coloured plastic and shipped out to the world with colorful collages that perfectly convey the seamless blend of styles within.

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