Words by Tom Dickinson

Internationally raised by way of NYC, Roxiny Rivas – Roxiny to you and I – releases her latest throwback to the 80s in the form of single ‘Cheree’ this month. Showcasing retro, reggae vibes, a gorgeous video featuring the woman herself and rare footage of The Big Apple during the 1980s, ‘Cheree’ displays the Latin Princess’ uplifting side with upbeat, down tempo melodies and bouncing bass rhythms.

If it’s sounding up your street, then the QOYA EP is something you’ll want to get into your ears. With a more chilled, electro vibe to it, QOYA is awash with Roxiny’s sultry vocals, heavy bass and retro 80s electro-pop styling. Look out for her on the net, whether it be working as an activist for one of the many causes she supports, behind the microphone on another electro-pop gem or gliding around New York in one of her videos; waves are being made.

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