Introducing | Purmamarca

by Rachael Scarsbrook

Named after a small Argentine village, Purmamarca’s ambition is anything but small and discreet. ‘Stay Tomorrow’ is one of the lead tracks taken from Summer Air // Night and is an exercise in blissed out psych acid lullabies. Mellow and complex, the track feels incredibly surreal and almost akin to an out-of-body experience induced by some form of mild hallucinogenic. The track may not lift off the ground into a fully fledged MGMT trip-fest but it loses none of its sublime nature because of this. Maybe if Jefferson Airplane were still kicking around this is the sort of music they’d be making, abandoning all the bells and whistles and stripping back to the bare essentials. Tame Impala probably wished they could do psych like this, but Purmamarca have slipped through the net and come up with a nice track to listen to before bedtime if stories or awful television series aren’t really your thing.

‘Summer Air // Night‘ is out now via Bandcamp:



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