Introducing | Neue York

by Joly Checketts

You might say that London-via-Hertfordshire trio Neue York are doing absolutely everything right. An aura of mystique surrounds the release of their two debut tracks ‘Silence’ and ‘Older’, with the band keeping their metaphorical cards very close to their metaphorical chest.

Unashamedly channeling some serious London Grammar vibes, Neue York incorporate a wonderfully orchestrated brass section with some muddy, brooding synths on ‘Silence’. An excellent male/female vocal harmony flitters over the top of the track, emanating an eerie, kind of ghostly quality – which is rather apt given the early mysterious nature of the trio.

Second track ‘Older’ gives the trio’s female vocalist the centre stage, and quite rightly, as the currently unnamed singer turns in a stellar performance. Given a backdrop of reverb-laced piano chords, and some irresistible syncopated bass lines, there’s a funkier feel to this second cut, perhaps more reminiscent of the band’s previous endeavours.

These first two tracks certainly pave the way for an exciting year for Neue York, one to keep an eye on, for sure. Stream ‘Silence’ and ‘Older’ below.

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