Introducing | Mutes

by Lior Phillips

Let’s first get down to brass tacks. The sonic upholstery of shoegaze and dream-pop genres tend to affect people in one of two ways; the first being that the mind detaches from its conscious thought to freely skip about in the spectra of imagination. The other being that it evokes imagery not hard hitting enough to solidify attention lasting the duration of one whole track, instead it makes the experience feel ‘watery’. However, Mutes track ‘m.p.d.q’ streams firmly in the realm of being able to keep one’s interest and re-upholster it with a dazed and dreamy overlay. It’s as if the guitar strumming becomes the foundation you’re navigating around whilst the vocals fog through the instrumentals.

The track is taken from Mutes brilliant debut EP which was self-released last year and will be re-released this Spring via Oxford label One Note Forever. 2014 will see the Birmingham-based artist collating a full band and focusing on embracing additional aspects of their songs, something we’re looking forward to sitting in for a while. Stream the EP in full below:

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