Introducing | Mumrunner

by Tom Johnson

Almost losing its way within the cacophonous walls it builds around itself, RUT presents a magnificent barrage of loose percussion, driving guitars and wonderfully erratic vocals. It’s a brilliant and relentless experience and made even more impressive by the fact that the track makes up one-half of the debut release from Finnish post-punks Mumrunner.

Even more impressive still; the flip-side, lead track ZIT, is just as scrappy and brilliantly unhinged as its counterpart, creating a two-track release which acts as a mightily impressive introduction to the band. ZIT is the lead track here and takes a slightly (and only slightly) more measured approach, the guitars finding spaces to breathe in between the barrages. It’s RUT that hits the hardest though, a short sharp blast of punk that will have you scampering up the walls in a frenzied combination of fear and adulation. Steady yourself and check out both tracks below.

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