Introducing | Martha Ffion

[GFP premiere]


by tom johnson

It’s not often that we get to introduce an artist that seems ready-made for wider acclaim, and while Martha Ffion has been quietly, steadily making a name for herself through the streets of Glasgow over the past year or so, a new release via the inimitable Lost Map Records will surely spread her music to far more ears than she’s reached thus far.

Kick-starting a new run of ‘Postcard single‘ releases for the label, ‘No Applause‘ is a magnetic number, settled and lucid but fueled by the kind of energy that just can’t be taught. Working with the likes of Suse from Tuff Love, as well as Craig Angus from Poor Things, the new material is a big step-up from debut EP ‘Go‘, showcasing a steelier, more refined sound that instantly attaches as it rockets through a delightful set of twists and turns.

No Applause‘ acts as the flip-side to another new track, Lead Balloon, which will precede a brand new EP, set for release later this year via Green Door Studios’ Super Group project; if the gutsy, insatiable heart found here is anything to go by then we’re in for something very special indeed. Introduce yourself below.

Buy the postcard right now, direct from Lost Map


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