Words by Lee Adcock

About a year ago, London-based folk outfit Low Moon Low emerged on Soundcloud with a dreamy, shimmering piece called Slow Train. Four months later, they unveiled another golden track, Fever, that bubbled with energy and attack while still retaining a gentle charm. Both songs sounded genuinely fresh and promising – but Low Moon Low sank into the horizon, and remained silent for the rest of 2012.

Fortunately these capable artists are finally releasing an official single, Calm Now. Don’t let the title fool you – Low Moon Low have opened up to a more anthemic sound on this one, with some excellent rough guitar solos and roaring vocals. Yet, in spite of this warmer, more extroverted style, the surreal quality of their previous work remains in tact through the subtle synths and the understated rhythm guitar. Altogether, it’s a remarkable number, both gorgeous and empowering. If the band can continue to craft fine tunes such as this, Low Moon Low should gain an avid following.

Listen below to Calm Now below, released June 2nd.


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