Introducing | Lists

by Lior Phillips

Like a sharp, heated knife to a block of baking butter Alistair Milesi’s voice melts right to the core. Sure, singer-songwriters get particular slack for having similar sounds that evoke familiar feelings for the listener. “They” are so often lumped together under what seems like cement-filled boxes tapered with the labels ‘folk’ ‘indie’ and ‘acoustic’. Perhaps then, it’s not as much the voice that sets these types of musicians apart. Perhaps it’s the value in their ability to create enchanting stories through inviting and authentic lyrics.

Alistair plays under the moniker Lists and he cuts his teeth with this track, Autumn, quite boldly. Whilst he’s plucking the strings and serenading the listener, he’s also opening up about concepts of insecurity, disappointment and reassurance. The songwriting is as ornamented as his instrumental and vocal skills. The end-result builds up to a heart-tugging pace, one of which could also suggest the debut level of this track. You’ll quickly find yourself enjoying this. Stream it below.

Download Autumn for free via Bandcamp.

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