Music, as people, as places.

Our ability to tie songs and records in with our own experience is a seemingly endless one. There are no rules attached and no real way of discovering when and why it happens; it just does and one day we just know. Furthermore , the music in question often doesn’t relate to the experience it reminds us of and, in-fact there really is no discernible link between the genre and the emotions attached to the events.

Kisser Her Little Sister is the musical workings of Jeff Morisano and this weeks sees the release of his Sailor LP. I’ll start off by saying that I’m completely new to KHLS; there was a previous LP released in 2010 but I knew nothing of it. I’ll then jump right in by saying that Sailor is probably the best thing I’ve heard all year.

Playing out like Wayne Coyne and Why? drunkenly jamming at some aftershow party in a desert in the middle of Summer, the ten tracks here are full of inventive and hypnotic ideas that sway between subtle electronic undercurrents and blissful, joyous indie-pop. Like all great records – and believe me this a great  record in every sense of the word (have I stressed this enough yet?) – each of the ten tracks has something unique to offer, but the entire thing works best when listened to in full, from start to finish.

That being the said, the nine-minute closing track Catfish is, for some reason, deserved of special attention. I say “for some reason” because I’m not really sure why it affects me in quite the way it does. Yes, it’s glorious for all the reasons mentioned above but there is something else there. Something in the vocal melody is incredibly nostalgic. I’m lost in it. I’m reminded of endless summers of youth; days spent whiling away the hours with muddy adventures, sticker books, best friends. I’m reminded of the first touch of a girls hand, of cheeks on hips, of burning conversations; the promise and desire for adulthood, coupled with the need and wish to stay right there in the moment. It’s mighty and mystical and magical. It’s now and it’s then and it’s me.

Sailor  is available now, completely free of charge, from Kissed Her Little Sister’s Bandcamp page.

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