Huffer | Blue

by Tom Johnson


This ship is sinking but he’s all alone.


Grinding its way through six-minutes of dense, sledgy noise-rock, ‘Blue’ is bold and invigorating introduction to new LA duo Huffer. Forming one part of a new two-track release, the track is a powerful and riotous trip through all manner of indistinct landscapes; the fearsome and the feared, the tortured and the torturer.

Offering a much darker alternative to the usually-sunny disposition of Los Angeles, ‘Blue‘ quickly marks out Huffer as a band to watch. Despite the over-bearing noise which reigns for much of the duration, their are subtle aspects of the track which gently bleed out of the narrative, meaning the repetitive nature of the flooding guitars never feels too oppressive, in fact the deluge of noise becomes something entirely; exhilarating and rousing. A foused eye at the centre of the storm.

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