Introducing | Hakobune

by George Cloke

Seamless and Here‘ is the new release from the prolific Japanese composer Hakobune and it’s an album that washes over you; enveloping you in a shroud of contemplative guitar notes while dovetailing the warmth in your heart with the serenity of your mind. The opening track ‘Hidden Away’ intimately guides you through a distant land. With each new note sensations develop, bloom, and gradually decay into the void. Delayed guitar lines emerge and glide like a condor rising on a warm Andean breeze. The sustained melodies shift, gentle and unperturbed, submerging and resurfacing like an aural tide.

Takahiro Yorifuji has been layering guitars for a number of years in Japan, although ‘Seamless and Here‘ is his first full length international release. Each of the record’s five songs faultlessly strikes a balance between the meditative and the contemplative. They are individual components of a transcendent whole: a living entity whose presence endures in the mind long after the final note rings out. But it is not unfamiliar; Seamless and Here comprises solely of guitar, reverb and delay. In the spheres of ambient music, it does nothing unconventional.

When you walk by the coast, you smell the salty spray of the waves and let the wind caress your features. As you always do. When your gazes meet, you know what to expect, for you have felt it before. Your spirit surges, your muscles form a well acquainted smile; you remember, you dream. These are not new feelings. But perhaps we crave the new too much. “Seamless and Here” may not be unprecedented; but it is delicate, unassuming and a pure joy to experience.

Seamless and Here is released on vinyl, via Patient Sounds, and is available

in a choice of five stunning colours. Full details here.



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