I’ve recently realised that I always thought  the relationship between Autumn days and monochrome colours was a purely metaphorical one, such has been the strength of my realisation over the last week of just how literally, and powerfully, grey the world is at the moment. If it weren’t for the blazing and brilliant colours the occasional inner city tree offers up, one could be forgiven for thinking that the colours of the world had all but drained away.

Luckily for me, relief came in the safe and soothing sounds of fou, who’s two-track release offers up more than enough escapism and images of the soft sounds of summer to drag you away from the grey streets you’re currently floating along. A Real Estate-esque guitar line glides through Colour Me In, occasionally caressed by the breathy vocals of front-man Jeevan and some sweet lyrics about pencil crayons.  Don’t You Know is a slightly more withdrawn affair, the post-rock shimmer of the guitars and the playful keys producing a colder but no less impressive soundscape to lose yourself within.

fou began writing music together back in early 2011 before taking a break so that Jeevan and his brother Matthew could write and record this stunning Madras record. In between recording Madràs’s debut, and playing shows, the brothers hooked up with drummer Houston again to begin recording songs for fou’s debut LP, boy, which will hopefully drop next in 2013. Fall in love with the band below.



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