Introducing | Dive Index

by Tom Johnson

Carefully sculpted by Will Thomas, and bolstered by the vocal talent of Isaiah Gage and Simone White, Dive Index are slowly unveiling their brand new album and have started the  journey with two tracks which quietly reveal both sides of this most hypnotic of collaborative efforts. The third Dive Index LP is called ‘Lost In The Pressure‘ and it’s set for a full release at the end of September.

The most engaging of the two tracks comes in the form of Counting Umbrella’s, a track which drapes lush strings and dense percussive beats around the evocative voice of Simone White’s; the whole thing swelling towards a finale that is as foreboding as it is gorgeously considered. The lighter of the two tracks, Rewind Your Patience, seeks out the spaces in between to weave a subtle and rhythmic pattern, where restrained vocals meet a playful instrumental which rises and falls in suitably dramatic fashion.

Taken as single entities, both of the tracks here present plenty of meaningful and magical moments within their supple boundaries – as a pre-cursor to the forthcoming record, however, the pair of tracks provide a near faultless whetting of the appetite. Check both tracks out below.

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