Introducing | Cloud

by Lee Adcock

Hopefully, if you’ve been following GFP lately, you caught that excellent Audio Antihero compilation last week (here it is, if you missed it.) If you haven’t – well, shame on you, but at least sample track #3, ‘A Song of What Stays. It’s a beautiful, beautiful little tune, and quite possibly one of the loveliest tracks on the comp: a majestic yet humble piano plays with restrained verve, while some wonderful young fellow sings an earnest plea for companionship. But who IS this enigmatic ensemble, listed only as “Cloud” on the comp’s set list?

To be frank, I’m still not entirely sure, but here are the concrete facts: 1) Cloud are a trio based in New York, 2) they’ve signed on to Audio Antihero, and 3) their first single is out right now as a pay-what-you want download.

Fair warning, though – this new track, ‘Mother Sea’, is a whole different beast than ‘A Song of What Stays’. Heralded by a lick of screeching feedback, the pianist hammers the keys gently as that lovely young gentleman cries out his soul to whoever may listen. His voice, though sweetly wistful at first, reaches urgent yelps and rushes into nervy pandemonium by 1’50”. He is caught in the throes of his own yearning lyrics, cracking under the strain of such emotional intensity – and I love him for that. This is not a guy who expects to attain success or happiness easily: he is still trying to cope with his own self, just as many of us awkward outsider folk are. At about 2’46” – as the vocalist ends on a harsh yell, as if to rid himself of the melody – the tune keeps rolling. The guitar hums and whines over a gently tumbling beat, and the piano swells gradually into a stately flow of notes.

If Mother Sea is an accurate taste of things to come, then we should welcome Cloud’s debut LP with open arms. That poor fellow, whoever he is, deserves to win your heart and soul. This LP, Comfort Songs, should be out by August 5th on Audio Antihero – but you can always pre-order your copy via the link below. Until then, of course, you can snag the single for as much (or as little) as you’re willing to pay.


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